Dallas Cowboys New Free Agents in 2013

“America’s Team” has not been able to meet the lofty expectations of the fans and the media, and especially not Mr. Jones. They have a solid unit of offensive skill players, but honestly who doesn’t in the NFL? They look at the 2013 year as an underdog, as they have been hyped for many years now. This may be the turning point for the organization and the year that many people finally stop putting the blame on one particular player and realize that problems for a team are bigger than the quarterback position. Can they make enough moves to turn the team around and finally make the playoffs, win more than one playoff game, and get that another Super Bowl for Mr. Jones and the city of Dallas.

An Addition for the New Tampa-2 (4-3 Scheme) in Dallas

Justin Durant [LB] – Previously with DET / JAX

Durant has had a quiet career and isn’t a superstar, but has found time as a starter and has produced a consistent number of tackles. Aside from that he doesn’t do much in regards to turning the ball over and changing the game. He will solidify a linebacker core in Dallas that was decimated by injuries in 2012. He will most likely start at outside on either side with Sean Lee manning the middle position.

Do they even need a slot WR that bad?

Anthony Armstrong [WR] – Previously with MIA / WAS / JAX

Armstrong has really had a long journey in the NFL and still is searching for his chance to shine. His most notable season was in 2011 when he joined the Redskins and Shanahan saw something special in him. It only lasted a short while and he was later cut in 2012 during final cuts. Out here in Dallas, they have called for a slot-WR like they will save the franchise or something. Perhaps he can help end the search or Dwayne Harris will show what he can finally do? They do have options with several guys competing for the spot. At least we know that Dez and Miles will be their #1 and #2.

A Short-Term Fix for a Big Hole in the D

Will Allen [FS] – Previously with PIT / TB

Allen was drafted by the Buccaneers in 2004 and Kiffin decided to bring in some recognizable names to the new defensive scheme. Allen never really played as well as he did when he was running with the Buccaneers. Perhaps he can rekindle the fire and show Dallas that they can have good safeties too. They haven’t had a solid safety (strong or free) since Darren Woodson. Allen is just a small temporary fix to a big problem for the Cowboys.

Some DT help

Anthony Hargrove [DT] – Previously with NO / BUF / STL / SEA

Hargrove has had a very strange NFL career as he had been traded twice and then has been suspended multiple times and has a Super Bowl with the Saints.The Cowboys really have no room for problematic players as they are trying to get back in the Winner’s Circle, so hopefully they get the New Orleans Saints Hargrove (minus the bounty king). The fact that Hargrove has lasted this long proves he has potential to be a factor in this league and maybe for Dallas.


Anthony Spencer [OLB/DE]

Ernie Sims [LB]

Tony Romo [QB]

Danny McCray [SS]


Felix Jones [RB] – Status: Signed with PHI

Gerald Sensabaugh [SS] – Status: Retired

John Phillips [TE] – Status: Signed with SD

Victor Butler [LB] – Status: Signed with NO

Dan Connor [LB] – Status: Signed with NYG

Marcus Spears [DT/DE] – Status: Signed with BAL

Kenyon Coleman [DT/DE] – Status: Signed with NO

Mike Jenkins [CB] – Status: Signed with OAK

So Dallas didn’t really add much through Free Agency after all and cleaned house more than anything, but that is to be expected when you change defensive coordinators. Jerry Jones is trying to make some instant and effective changes for the organization. If they pay off, well he can make that risk, the players and coaches usually take the loss anyway. Let me know what you think will happen with the Cowboys in 2013?

Dom V


  1. Reccia July 8, 2013 at 7:38 PM - Reply

    You may want to do a little research on the title America’s Team. No one associated with the Cowboys organization came up with it or started its use.

    • Dominique Van Ausdall July 8, 2013 at 9:16 PM - Reply

      Oh thanks for the correction! They are the like the 3rd most valuable franchise name in the world, so maybe America’s team fits in a way. They just aren’t performing as a team that represents the country. Good observation though.

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