Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks from 2012 to 2013

The Drop Outs

An Injury knocked him out of this Top 10…

The 2013 Fantasy Football season ended a while ago, but it ended in a similar fashion in terms of the offensive leaders. Only four Top 10 Quarterbacks fell out of the previous year’s Top 10. Two were injured, one lost all of his weapons, and one just had a rough year. No rookie quarterbacks got into the list this year, as 3 jumped on the scene last year. This rookie class was far from the 2011 QB Class though.

It was expected he’d have a tough year, not sure we really had any idea how tough.

Quarterback scoring based on:

25 Passing yards = 1 point

10 Rush Yards = 1 point

All touchdowns = 6

Interceptions = -2

Fumbles = -2

He lost Julio, Roddy was hobbled, and the line was like a swinging gate. It was a tough 2013 for Ryan and the Falcons.


Quarterbacks201220132012 Drop Outs20122013
Peyton Manning348484Aaron Rodgers353163
Drew Brees391373Tom Brady372263
Andy Dalton *284333Matt Ryan339269
Philip Rivers *222311Robert Griffin III321260
Cam Newton334308
Matthew Stafford *277307
Tony Romo309300
Andrew Luck283294
Ben Roethlisberger237295
Russell Wilson286290
* = New to Top 10
All Numbers are based on The Real FF Season (Weeks 1-16)

Perhaps it was the knee injury, or maybe teams figured out how to stop him, or it was just a bad year sophomore slump year. Whatever it may have been, it all added up to a failure to meet the Top 10 of FF Passers in 2013.

Welcome to the Top

Why even make a list, well first off you have to make notice that the Top 10 of Quarterbacks isn’t so volatile and definitely tells you who will more than likely be producing for Fantasy owners the next season.

Crushing Records

A big applaud goes to Manning, who manhandled the record books and was well above Brees throughout the season. Manning was easily the best Fantasy football quarterback in 2013. Cam, Brees, and Rodgers weren’t even close to point total when they were killing it in 2011. This is one for the record books, maybe one of the best seasons ever for a Fantasy Football Quarterback?

Welcome back to the Club!

A bounce back season after failing to make the list in 2012 wasn’t set in stone. It’s always a little easier with a weapon like Calvin and the addition of Reggie Bush was a positive as well. Stafford couldn’t lead them to the playoffs, but they should be just as scary on offense in 2014. Unless he goes China Doll on us, he should be a staple for Top Fantasy Football Quarterbacks.

The Revivals

It seemed he was just getting worse the last couple of years, but he came out in 2013 and proved everybody wrong. It also helped that he wasn’t getting thrown around every other play. New coaching may have helped, he was definitely a new and improved Philip Rivers in 2013.

Another old face who was the victim of a horrible backfield, the loss of a blazing WR, and had a terrible offensive line in 2012, like Rivers. Injuries didn’t help him either. He bounced back in 2013 and they almost squeezed into the playoffs, even after a so-so season. He bounced back in the Top 10, he never seems to stay long though. Does this list even matter? I don’t really know, but it is good way to at least take note of the guys who were the top performers of previous years. History does tend to repeat itself and you can’t beat the law of averages, not everything is just luck and chance. Well that is all I have on the Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks of 2013, let me know what you think!

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